PT CONNECTIONS CIC – BREXIT SUPPORT started as an online forum on Facebook in December 2017.

The Forum for Portuguese citizens in UK is designed as a safe place for Portuguese citizens living in the UK to exchange views, share experience of dealing with the Home Office and last but not least support each other.


The Forum is a private Facebook group and a Facebook account is required:



The Forum’s primary focus is Portuguese citizens’ rights and we pro-actively moderate the forum to keep the discussions on topics, using common sense rules to stay non-partisan and respectful of each other. We have a zero tolerance policy towards trolls or people posting hate messages.

The moderation is done by an amazing team of volunteers. It’s a tough job and they are doing their best to keep the Forum a safe place. If you feel they got it wrong, please use the appeal procedure described below.

One of their objectives is to keep the Forum free of people ‘fishing’ for Portuguese citizens, whether they are journalists, researchers, lawyers or owners of other groups. If you have a need for getting in touch with Portuguese citizens, please do so using the contact form on the homepage.


If you are seeking legal advice, we are unable to give you any (this would be illegal as we are not qualified immigration law practitioners. For free legal advice, please contact the AIRE Centre. or consult Colin Yeo’s free self-help guides.

We do however have a Voluntary solicitor working for PT CONNECTIONS CIC and you can request for a paid one to one consultation.

If the Forum is not your thing, you can also subscribe to our newsletter,  or like our Facebook page.


Whether a season forum member or have freshly joined, please make yourself familiar to the rules. In doubt, always ask a moderator (the list is published in the pinned post).


-How do you select members on the forum?
Everybody is welcome on the forum, we do not operate a selection. But any members breaching the rules of the forum might be subject to an exclusion without warning.

-I want to help, what is the process to be part of the team?

If you wish to be part of the team as volunteer, please send us an email with a cover letter.


-I’ve posted on the forum but it has not been published or been deleted or comments have been closed without warning, why?
If a moderators or an administrator judges that the post is breaching the rules of the forum, the post will not be approved or will be deleted if it had been approved by error. We manage thousands of members, and moderating hundreds of posts per day. The team is composed of volunteers, and we do not have the time to send an explanation for every moderated post. All unapproved / deleted posts are kept for archive.

Some particular posts can be as well duplicate stories. In order to keep the forum readable for every members, comments under these stories might be closed or the post itself might be deleted when it has been posted several times.

Only a moderator or an administrator of the forum can close comments. However a member can delete his own post.

“Sometimes, we close the ability to comment when forum members are not commenting appropriately (abuse, rumours, fake news), when the thread is breaching the forum rules or when they are illegally giving legal advice. This doesn’t mean we question the validity of the original post because if we did, we would have deleted the post in the first place.”

“Don’t be upset if we remove your duplicate stories. To avoid it, please search the Forum before posting a link to a news item you’ve read online. Our members are quick and it’s likely this amazing article you’ve just read has already been shared here. (tip: put * in the search box to see the latest posts in chronological order)”

– Can I know who deleted my post?
For safety reason, you will never know which member of the moderating team has deleted a post.

-I have been banned from the forum or the page, why?
We will systematically ban members who are:

  • Using racist or hate speech

  • Trolling, harassing, and insulting other members, even privately;

  • Using a fake profile ;

  • Advertising another group or a service (unless pre-approved by the admin);

  • Reposting the same deleted publication without the agreement of an administrator;

  • Blocking a member of the admin team

-I think my deleted post was relevant to PT CONNECTIONS CIC – BREXIT SUPPORT, how can I get a review?
If you think it was a mistake from the team, you can contact in the next 24 hours the general administrator in private message with a screenshot of your post or the original link and the time when you’ve made your publication. We will not consider your request after 24 hours. This will be compared with the archive. If the post is valid, you will then be invited to repost it.

I have been banned from the Forum and I don’t understand why?

Please email us within 24 hours and state clearly why you want us to review your case and make an appeal


“Please only post stories which are relevant and always introduce any news article with a short paragraph so everyone understand why you are sharing it. Please remember the forum is non-partisan so no party politics here please.”

-Why do you not allow any political posting?

Politics divide people and the aim of the Forum is to unite Portuguese citizens around our rights so we try to avoid having overtly political conversations (but they do happen since our fight to protect our rights is political). Having said that, promoting one party or bashing political figures will not be accepted and the posts or comments will be deleted.

-Why do you not allow any anti or pro-Brexit posts?

Unless it’s specifically talking about EU citizens, these posts are considered off topics. This is a source of disagreement among members but there are numerous groups and forums discussing Brexit so we see little value in having these discussions here and these posts will be deleted.

-What is the Godwin law?

The forum rule: “We’ll also remove any post which compares someone or something to Hitler or the Nazis – i.e. the Godwin’s Law “if an online discussion regardless of topic or scope goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to Hitler or the Nazis”.”

-Why do you not allow any legal advice?

We do not allow any legal advice to be given on the forum for the following reason:

  • If you have a particular issue, you have to consider that each case is unique. You cannot use your own case as an example for another nor give guidance regarding a particular matter. If your advice is followed, for example for a file related to the permanent residency card, it can lead to a refusal for the member who was following it and doing more harm than good.

  • Only accredited lawyers or accredited law firms can give proper advice on a particular matter, however we do not allow any advertising or service placement on the forum.

When legal advice are given in a post without authorisation the post will be deleted.

When legal advice are given under a valid post in comments, comments will be closed.

Please remember that giving legal advice is not debating! We do allow and encourage debates.

-My health, my family has been affected by the current situation, or I know someone else who has been, how can I get help?

We do not allow any medical advice or advertisement from any professional body on the forum. We do not allow advice given by a member to another as it can do more harm than good. We encourage members to refer to their General Practitioner in such cases. However members are free to express their feelings on the forum, and communication is welcome.

– I published a poll / survey or asked for information about my fellow members of PT CONNECTIONS CIC – BREXIT SUPPORT or I am a journalist asking for statements and interview or i wish to promote my own group, my post has been deleted, why?
We do not allow any fishing of information on the forum for data protection reasons.If you are a journalist, press correspondent please contact our public relation officer.

If you wish to promote your own group, you must seek validation from the admin team.

“If you are a journalist, a researcher or a film maker and are seeking to get testimonials from EU citizens, please contact the admin team first so we can assess your request. This forum is not a fishing pond for EU citizens and we won’t accept direct fishing posts, including promotion or advertisement of your own group.>Please do not create polls or ask people to enter any personal information without asking the Admin team first. PT CONNECTIONS CIC  is registered with the ICO and has obligations in terms of data protection.”

-I want to make a donation to help the organisation, what can I do?

You can help PT CONNECTIONS CIC by becoming a MEMBER on our website page JOIN PT CONNECTIONS , with the following link:

Please remember: be nice to each other and accept we can all have a different opinion on things, as long as it’s not hate. Our team of admins and moderators are all volunteers so please consider it as they’re doing their best to keep the Forum as it was intended.

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